Tuesday, 29 May 2012

New Name Same Scam FBG Internet trading as socialnetworkingdepartment.com

Any one reading this blog, most likely after contact with FBG Internet should have drawn the conclusion that this is a scam out fit. If you are considering using  FBG now know as socialnetworkingdepartment.com please think twice. They change their website over and over, but the scam remains the same and sadly people do fall for it.

The NEW face of FBG Internet is:  www.socialnetworkingdepartment.com

Avoid them. In fact Avoid any business linking to www.the-technical-guys.com

They change the scam page often, but www.the-technical-guys.com is always their modus operandi. Much better for them to hide between a ticket system so their "customers" can´t speak to them.

The following was a message by yet another scammed customer from South Africa:  Read from the bottom up;

Thanks Oliver,

They have done a charge back only on this last payment –which is where all the drama started- but I don’t think I will be able to recover the last three months and the marketing setup page costs, anyway thanks for your feedback once again.

From: Oliver Bray
Sent: 29 May 2012 12:46 PM
To: 'Claudette Rosen'
Subject: RE: Charter House Law - FBG Facebook Global

Hi Claudette,

Sorry to hear about your experiences, my best advice is to request a chargeback on your credit card, ignore all of their threatening letters because they do not amount to anything of substance, would they pursue you legally? Absolutely not they would not be able to win in court.

Don't be bullied by them. Have reported them to trading standards authorities, sadly no one really seems to be interested. I managed to SEO their site out of business, they just set up a new one new name same scam.

From: Claudette Rosen
Sent: 29 May 2012 12:35
Subject: FW: Charter House Law - FBG Facebook Global

Hi Oliver,
I  too have  been scammed- I unfortunately did a search after the fact.
I have forwarded this to my sister (email below) who is an attorney in the UK – there must be some recourse- if not to get ones money back certainly to have them stopped, prosecuted or something?
There is a site to report scams originating in the UK as well as a division of the FBI that specialises in Internet fraud, the UK details though bounced back  have you forwarded your grievances to anyone that can indict these characters?

Your feedback would be appreciated.



From: Legal Charter House Law [mailto:legal@charterhouselaw.com]
Sent: 29 May 2012 10:42 AM
Subject: Charter House Law - FBG Facebook Global

Claudette Rosen,

Client: FBG Facebook Global
Our Ref: FBG 15687 / 78459
Outstanding Payment: R2166
Subject: Facebook Advertising – Payment Dispute

Charter House Law represents FBG in all legal matters in South Africa.

We have been instructed to contact you regarding your chargeback request for the final payment of R2166 taken by my client on the 26th April 2012.

Your chargeback request is not valid and you are requested to cancel this request or the following legal action will be taken immediately against Spin Interiors.

Legal Action

Additional charges will be applied to the debt and the full outstanding debt will be registered with Trans Union Africa.
Summons will be issued to resolve this dispute through the courts and you will be liable for all legal fees incurred.

A Quick Note About this, the "legal Department" is the same office, not legitimate see more here. -


Michael Bond - Fake Name
Debt Enforcement Office
Charter House Law
Tel: 0311002350

From: Claudette Rosen
To: 'Directors'
Cc: scams@oft.gsi.gov.uk

To Andrew Armstrong:

I have reported you to the necessary authority’s in the UK, for internet fraud as I have suspected for some time that your organisation is unscrupulous, having done some further research I am now convinced, particularly since there are a host of people you have defrauded-see sites attached.

I was never able to view my so called campaign- nor were my friends or associates, in this itself you are in breach of our contract –nor did I ever receive one phone call from anyone that had seen the campaign.

Please refrain from contacting me.




  1. Just to add to the mix...I laid a criminal charge against them on Tuesday with the South African Police. Also reported the matter to Standard Bank SA. Why not do the same? It will add a bit more weight to the case.

  2. The bank account I had to deposit into was in the name of "Search", Standard Bank, Constantia Cape Town. Interesting to see that search.co.za is listed under Dryden's name. However,whois.co.za reveals that search.co.za is registered to one Brian Marin of 15 Rembrandt Way, Walton-on Thames, UK. Anyone come across him yet?