Monday, 19 December 2011

Another Scammed Customer Fires Back at FBG Internet and Legal services Department.

Thats it Jodie! Stand up to these fools, you are 100% correct.
Jodie´s email to law services department is seen below. Law services Department act on behalf of FBG Internet. An Scaming operation selling rip off face book advertising campaigns from an office in Altringham (in the UK) they are targeting the UK, Netherlands and South Africa small businesses and ripping them off.

this blog is dedicated to exposing their true business practices.

Hello Robert!

Your telephone number on the bottom of the page does not exist, the address on your website merely lists Auckland Park and is in fact not a proper physical address. Under the CPA legislation I am entitled to a copy of my contract which I have requested a number of times. I gave you the telephone number of our legal counsel you did not phone him (perhaps you are concerned that a real lawyer will see straight through you) , he has also attempted to contact you but your telephone number listed below and on your website does not exist. FBG and Law Services are not registered entities in South Africa despite your claims, there are also no company registrations for both entities in the UK. The fact that you will not provide me with your registration numbers as requested only confirms that this is a bogus operation.

I refuse to be blackmailed, scammed out of any more money or intimidated. Should you wish to proceed, we will proceed with a charge of Fraud for Legal Services and FBG Internet and will sue for damages as we have black and white evidence of breach of contract and illegal business practices.

Please go ahead with Trans Union if you so wish, however you will require a valid business registration number to do this, secondly I have all the evidence to dispute this claim and have your listing removed. This will then give me more ammunition and information to sue for damages.

Have a great day further!


From: Law Services Dept []
Sent: 19 December 2011 06:08 PM
To: Removed
Subject: FBG Internet - Immediate Legal Action has commenced

Dear Jodie Cunningham

Reference: Gap Factor Chargeback Request
Our Client: FBG Internet
Outstanding Debt: R4332
LSD Reference: FBG 4589 /457

You have not made payment to resolve your debt.

Additional charges will now be applied to your debt by Law Services Dept and We have now applied to register the full outstanding debt with Trans Union Africa

All information has now been sent to our attorneys who have been instructed to prepare and issue summons to resolve in court.

All requested information will be provided in the litigation process once summons has been issued.


Robert Howells 
Law Services Dept

Tel: 0105008982

From: Gap Factor 
Sent: 16 December 2011 14:39
To: Law Services Dept
Subject: Re: FBG Internet - Immediate Legal Action is due to be taken

Please be so kind as to furnish us with a copy of the contract, the voice recordings and all your company information including registration number so we can respond accordingly.


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