Friday, 26 August 2011

FBG Internet Whistle Blower

This FBG Internet blog was set up by me to expose the truth about the services offered by FBG Internet, also known as FBglobal in an attempt to stop other small businesses being scammed by this company. In fairness, before I started publishing my dealings with FBG internet, I did give them the choice, with refund the 90% mark up fees on the facebook advertising campaign, or I would write an honest review of their services online.
My exact ultimatum was as follows:
"Not only would like to cancel, I would like a refund €310 and I would like the sales to call to personally apologies for being lied to. If you don´t agree thats fine, but I will be taking it up with the advertising standards Authority and posting my findings about dealing with fbginternet on as many forums and the review centre so people can make an accurate informed decision before choosing to use your service."

They chose not to listen, so I made good on my word and went ahead and wrote this blog.

Their response was to write a load of fake reviews and start a slander campaign about my company. Whilest this is illeagal it is also pretty darn stupid, it also helps my case because it allows me to document their response, activities and business tactics. It is all in black and white and published online, so any future prospective customer to see.
Unfortunately for them, they probably did not take into account that I actually know what I am doing when it comes to SEO, so now this blog is on the first page of google for FBG Internet, and as a result (and as you would expect) I have received quite a lot of response from others who have been contacted by Facebook global. This includes quite a few victims, a national newspaper journalist.

Some have made comments confirming the shady practices of FBG, further proving the validity of this blog, but yesterday I received an email that just blew me away.

FBG Internet employee reveals the true nature of the company.

It is allegedly from an ex employee of FBG Internet, who has been brave enough to blow the whistle. Whilst I can not confirm that it is legitimate, personally i do believe it. The person has asked to remain anonymous, fair enough, and here is what the person wrote:

"hi, I noticed your blog about FBG internet, I am a previous employee of FBG and i am currently in process of putting them in front of a tribunal for unfair dismissal, there are a few things you might want to know about them.......

  • The London address is totally fake, they are based in Altrincham in Manchester.
  • The script they read violates the ofcom trading law under GC23 and GC24 as it is misleading and unfair to the customer.
  • They have changed names more than you think, they go under FBG internet, FB Global, FBG research along with a few others.
  • I can supply you with the names of the main staff if needed and also the assistant manager, i also have his contact details.
  • I can also supply you with a copy of the script that we are told to read which is all full of lies to trick people into buying.
  • The 'specialist account manager' is just a random employee in the office.

if you need to know ANYTHING about this company then please let me know via email, the owner of the company 'Andy' also owns another company called 'contract cars' which is in the same building..............

please keep my name anonymous as i don't want it to interfere with the case i am building against them.........."

Well, good work and well done for coming forward.

So anyone considering using FBG internet, please read this blog before you make a decision as to use their services.
If anyone else has anything to share about the practices of this company please comment or send me your account, just keep it to the facts, I would like to remain objective and honest.

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