Friday, 22 July 2011

A response to Law Services Department

Hello Law Services Dept, in response to your comment on the FBG Internet review center site.

That is not quite the case as anyone who reads the correspondence between you and me (as you can in full here) can see.

What were your grounds for a law suit? An incorrect allegation that we had requested a refund on the original fee from our bank (which we did not - that would be a breach of contract by us)which you further admit was incorrect here (and I quote)

"From: Law Services Dept []
Sent: 19 July 2011 14:34
To: 'Mr Bray'
Subject: Law Services Dept - FGB Internet

Dear Mr Bray

No chargeback has been received but it is our understanding you have suggested a chargeback has been made.

Please advise?

Law Services Dept

However your comment below, is in fact Slander (I know this because we have a legal firm that have actually passed the bar exams):

"This client has made payment for his agreed advertisng with FBG Internet and taken the one months advertisng and then threatened to request his payment back through his bank just beacuase the advertisnig did not work for his company. Advertising work for some and not for others and in case this client clearly is nto acting in a professional manner and we advise not to have any dealing with Extreme Gap or you may end up out of pocket"

Hello? So what are you saying? People who deal with my gap year company will get ripped off? I see... and you base this on what? I have documentary evidence about being ripped off from FBG. All you have is grounds for a law suit from us.

Which is entertaining as you are supposedly a law company and should actually know what the definition of slander is (which you are clearly not otherwise you would not be so foolish to write these kind of thinking on the internet as it just makes you show how bad at practising law you really must be.) If you don´t agree feel free to sue me.

For the benefit of the good people out there actually wanting to find a review fbg internet and Law services department the actual nature of our grievance with FBG was not that the "the advertising did not work". It was due to the fact we were charge €350 approximately for their service which actually delivered the equivalent of €33 worth of advertising direct on facebook. But hey you can all read (Law Services Department Excluded) and make up your own minds.

Oh an one other thing, as you can see The review center actually reposted my review after you at Law Services Department requested it be removed and here is their opinion on the matter:

"Thanks for getting back to me and sending the evidence. The emails are amusing and it seems like you know your legal rights on the matter and refuse to be bullied into taking off a review, clearly your review is important to them.
I have put up your review live. Thanks again for using our site to let other consumers know the true reflection of the company."

Finally Law Services Department and FBG in response to you trying to get this open, honest review of your poor expensive rip off services taken down, I have posted my findings on no less than.... wait for it... 348 websites, article directories. Yup. All of which have RSS links to them, so they are the aggregated out further over the internet.

Ouch. Thats gonna hurt when google picks them up. Because they all have links to... the review center site. Still I wouldn´t worry, after all we are not “professional, may be not all the mud will stick.

Nice. Have great weekend.

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