Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Oh Dear FBG internet. When will you learn to stop scamming customers..

Whoops. Probably not a good idea to rip off your customers, especially not a good idea to make it onto our shit list either. Because FBG Internet, if you do you end u in a national newspaper review of FBG Internet.

For those of you who can not read dutch the translation is approximately:

And then there was Oliver Bray, are a british man who manages an adventure travel company from Haarlem. Also he went recently for the fbg scam.
`I was rung out of the blue by a pushy salesman who presented himself as Steve. He promised `amazing click-through-rates' and our own account manager. Especially promising a mention of the global scale of FBG.

"Although I advertised every month with Facebook themselves, I was promised great conversions delivered by large buying form a "massive agency".

This was definitely not the case. No own account manager, no hordes of visitors and especially no saving.

` I advertised on facebook direct for 33 euros and it produced the same results as a €350 spend with FBG Internet. "

The article then goes on to mention that you can´t go to the police with these cowboys, but the best thing to do is expose them online. Like for instance on this FBG internet blog.

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